After months of planning and preparation the "Big Weekend" finally arrived!

We would like to thank all of our friends and families for sharing this special time with us. Both of our fathers were diagnosed with cancer during our engagement period and unfortunately they were both in the hospital at the time of our nuptials. Thankfully they are both on the mend now but it is with them in mind that we are putting together this part of our site.

There are so many people who came together to help us make our wedding day a reality that we could not begin to list everyone here. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have been blessed with such wonderful family and friends. Everyone was so good to us and worked so hard to make our wedding day special and we thank all of you.

There are a few individuals, however, we would like to specifically thank.

  • Uncle Walton and his wife Julie who took time away from his re-election campaign to help plan the wedding in under a month. They were generous enough to contribute time and money to making our wedding happen.
    A special thank-you to Walton for agreeing to stand in for the father of the bride and give Maxine away.
  • Maxine's brother Mullins who went above and beyond the call of brotherly love and duty and his wife Leiza, the best sister-in-law a bride could ask for. Mullins, our wedding would not have happened without your help!
  • Maxine's mother for coordinating, planning, and holding our hands from Pawleys Island.
  • Uncle Gordon and his wife Terry who were kind enough to open up 109 Savage Street for our reception.
  • Russ' family, who came all the way from the Pacific Northwest to share the weekend with us.
  • Hans Brandal who took over as best man, after Russ' father became ill, and pulled it off like a pro.
  • Rhett Hardy and Cheryl Schlesser who arranged for all of the bubbles!
  • Everyone in our wedding party who kept us fairly calm on the big day and made sure we both got to the church on time.
  • All of our family and friends for being here with us and sharing in our happiness.