September 26, 2002

Charleston Harbor, SC

Many thanks, hugs, and kisses to Dexter and Nancy Green, Mullins and Leiza McLeod, Jimmy and Sloan Smith for an incredible party!

We met up at Patriot's Point Marina in Mount Pleasant and enjoyed a wonderful evening of fine food, spirits, and company.

Cynthia and Craig

Cynthia and Craig, smiling for the camera.

Maxine and Russ: the happy couple.

Maxine and Russ

Cynthia and Matthew

Cynthia and Matthew, hamming it up.

Russ showing Craig the secrets to his camera.

Russ and Craig

Maxine and Russ

Maxine and Russ, discussing something very important.

It would seem the person most active with the camera was our videographer, Steve. For those interested, we made a short video of the evening.

Unfortunately, someone is not savvy enough to make it work in Netscape, so you will have to use Internet Explorer to watch it.