The "Big Day" Is Here

...and boy what a day it was!

The day of the wedding Russ and the boys did the guy thing while Maxine and the girls attended a lovely luncheon on Sullivans Island before heading over to Walterboro to prepare for the big event.

Just as with any wedding day, ours was full of excitement and anticipation.

After Russ discovered the flowers froze during the night, That is what I call cold storage.

he went off to chew his nails with the boys.

Oh my

Maxine, blissfully ignorant of the flower fiasco, concerned herself with ironing her wedding gown.
Where did these wrinkles come from?

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids congregated in the safety of the ladies room,

Bridesmaids primping

emergency troops were called into repair the frozen roses,
Half the roses are saved!

Maxine gave up on the wrinkles and opted to worry about her hair

Where is my stylist when I really need her?

and the veil,

I cannot get this thing to stay on!

and the boys all went out for a ceremonial smoke.

Note the corruption of youngsters please. Next