The Engagement

Maxine and Russ, September 2001
Maxine in our canoe

We drove out to Cypress Gardens one Sunday afternoon and were taking pictures and paddling around in a flat bottom boat when we came upon the most lovely bed of water lilies. It could have been the setting for Monet's "Water Lilies" series.

We stopped for the photo op and settled back, drinking in the scene when Russ started talking about our relationship and how he was so happy. It was just perfect.

A Monet in the Making

Then all of a sudden black paint was being splattered on the Monet as Russ gingerly found his way down onto a knee without tipping the canoe and asked me to marry him. All I could say was "YES"!

Well, okay, first I asked if I could think about it but when he said "of course you can, we can sit here all day and all night until you give the right answer," I hugged him and said "YES"!