The Story of Maxine and Russ

After being introduced by Wayne and Steve, Russ made his first pilgrimage to Charleston only to be tossed into the midst of Maxine's family and her Mother's birthday celebration moments after he arrived. Bless his heart, having arrived unprepared he even went out and bought a sports coat on his way to the occasion. Happy's birthday party
The soldier and his Southern belle Despite his non-Southern roots, he managed to woo the Southern belle right off her feet!
He made her grin with delight with all of his talk about love and exotic travel... Russ sure can make anything pretty when he is behind the camera.
Russ in Alaska while musing the exciting possibilities of having a companion to join him on his adventures.
Russ' Great Alaskan Adventure
In no time flat they realized they had each found the perfect match and got engaged! Russ and Maxine, happy as pigs in mud.