Maxine Walker McLeod
Walker McLeod, 1969
The True Photo Story

The daughter of Happy and Mullins, big sister of Mullins, Jr... Christmas 1970
4-year old kindergarten was a darling little girl...
who always looked out for her baby brother, even when she had to do so on his shoulders. Walker and Mullins, Pawleys Island, SC
Maxine and Liesl She grew into quite the beach lover...
but managed to make it through high school... Daddy, Granddaddy, Maxine, Mother, and Mimi
College of Charleston May, 1992 and, by the grace of God, college.
After college she found herself enjoying a career in real estate, while nursing a healthy passion for computers... Maxine at Prudential
Wayne on Daytona Beach which took her to the beach for a Microsoft gathering, where she met Wayne...
and Steve... Steve, Maxine, and Jon in Orlando
Russ in his element. who introduced her to Russ.