The Courtship

Washington state living at its finest! Well, little did she know his definition of exotic locations and accommodations were far, far different from hers.
And little did he know she had no clue that getting to exotic locations meant carrying your food and clothes on your back! Russ atop Aasgaurd Pass
Russ and Maxine at Mt. Rainier So what do two normally logical and reasonable people who fell madly in love do?
Why they have a courtship...

and Russ made good on his promise of lots of travel.
The kiss
The travel route

Washington, DC to Charleston, SC

  • 7.5 hours by car; 1.5 hours by 737 (add 1.25 hours for Charlotte layover); 2.0 hours by turbo prop; and 9.0 hours by Amtrak
  • midway point--Wilson, NC
  • worst accommodations--South of the Border, SC
  • interesting excursions--precious few, Outer Banks and Raleigh, NC

Some of which was even exotic...

such as Maxine's exciting vacation in Greece... Maxine in Santorini
Russ in Kenya being very adventurous and Russ' adventurous Safari with Cynthia...
but the best of which was spent together.

See how happy they look? Russ said there was a Waldorf at the top of this pass and Maxine cannot wait to get there.
Enchantments: The Hike and Rescue
Maxine and Russ half way up Aasgaurd Pass